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Automatically resizing product photography images

10 September 2015  |  Admin

If you have a large number of product photography and packshots images which need to be resized or the file format change and you don’t wish to laboriously work through them individually there is normally automation built into most editing software. Photoshops ‘Image Processor’ is hidden away under the file menu but may be found and used as follows:

Copy the product photography images you wish to resize into a new folder.
Open Photoshop
From the top menu choose ‘File’
From the ‘File’ drop down menu choose ‘Scripts’
Then choose ‘Image processor’.
In the ‘Image processor’ window browse and select your new folder of copied images.
Select a folder destination location for the new processed product photography images.
Select the new product photography and packshot file type you require
Select if required ‘Resize to Fit’ and enter the new dimensions in pixels (px).
Click ‘Run’
In a short while you will have a new folder of processed images.

Note: Different versions of Photoshop may vary slightly.

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