Terms & Conditions


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Acrobat Imaging LLP Terms and Conditions


The placing of an order expresses acceptance of our terms of business. The following terms and conditions apply to and are deemed to be incorporated in all contracts either verbal or in writing, for the sale and supply of the Acrobat Imaging services. They specifically exclude any terms and conditions preferred by the client/client representative, whether preceding or post dating any order for services. These Terms and Conditions shall not be varied except by agreement in writing.


All quotations are estimates and accordingly, Acrobat Imaging reserves the right to charge for all work done and all materials/expenditure associated with the work.


Instructions and briefs

We will adhere as much as possible to a clients written instructions, however photography can be subjective and there is no right to reject work on the basis of style or composition. Instructions given verbally are accepted on the understanding that Acrobat Imaging will not be held responsible for any mistakes arising there from.


Turnaround times for work undertaken by Acrobat Imaging are estimated.

All projects will be completed as soon as possible, however if the customer should have any urgent requirements we will do our best to accommodate them. Whilst every effort is made to meet estimated turnaround times, we cannot be held liable for delays caused by third parties and unavoidable circumstances.


Force Majeure

Acrobat Imaging shall not be liable for any loss or consequential loss to the customer under this or any other agreement to the extent that the performance of Acrobat Imaging’s obligations are delayed, hindered or prevented by an Event of Force Majeure.


"Event of Force Majeure" shall mean fire, storm, flood, earthquake, accident, adverse weather conditions, explosions, Acts of God, terrorism or the threat thereof, nuclear, chemical or biological contamination, compliance with any law, governmental controls, restrictions or prohibitions, strikes, lock-outs, industrial action, employment dispute, protests, public disorder, traffic congestion or vehicle breakdown, illness, vandalism, interruptions in communications, interruption or failure of mains power or battery power supplies, shortages of materials or supplies, failure or malfunction of photographic equipment or computer systems and any other event or circumstance outside the control of Acrobat Imaging.


Day rate

If a fee has been quoted as a daily rate, then this shall be applicable to a normal days work of 8 hours including lunch break.


Return product shipping

We charge for return shipping of client products & goods in addition to any estimate.


Payment Terms

Once the photography is complete, Acrobat Imaging will provide the customer with draft images and an invoice. Final images will be provided once payment of the associated invoice has been made in full to Acrobat Imaging LLP. We accept cheques, cash and bank transfers.


Any query regarding an invoice or the goods supplied must be made to Acrobat Imaging within 14 days of the invoice date.



Care is always taken with clients products/goods. We regret however, that Acrobat Imaging cannot accept liability for loss, consequential loss or damage of any item, howsoever caused, and the client/client representative is advised / assumed to have insured such items for all risks, to their full value, including in transit to and from Acrobat Imaging.


Abandoned items

Acrobat Imaging will store at the clients risk, products and props used in association with any work / job for up to 3 months. After which Acrobat Imaging reserves the right to dispose of the products and props.


Models, picture libraries and services

Acrobat Imaging acts on behalf of the client when booking models and other services. All fees will be billed direct to the client by the models agent or supplier of the service. In no case is Acrobat Imaging responsible for negotiating any additional or special usage fees for models or services as the client is best placed to define the required usage and to negotiate appropriate fees.



Any material or goods given to Acrobat Imaging remains the property of the client. Regarding ownership and copyright of the supplied material, the client is fully responsible for any infringement of copyright, if any charges are brought about by a third party and must therefore bear any costs arising from any action.


As specified by the laws and Acts of England, which may be amended or replaced from time to time and in common with standard industry practices. Acrobat Imaging retains all copyright, intellectual property rights and moral rights associated with the goods and services it supplies.


Proofing work

It is the clients/clients representatives responsibility to ensure that all work is proofed to their satisfaction prior to use. Acrobat Imaging cannot be held liable for any loss or consequential loss caused by the client/client representative not checking that the services, materials and goods Acrobat Imaging supply are to their satisfaction before they proceed further with any project/job.


The validity and performance of any contract to which these terms and conditions apply shall be covered by the Law of England and any disputes shall be submitted to the English Courts.


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